Astro Toolbox

Overview #

The Astro toolbox is a script that’s designed specifically for Astrology Traders. The Astro toolbox offers you a unique set of data that’s only available via this script on tradingview or outside from outside sources. Ephemeris data! From planetary longitude, latitude, signs, and sign degrees. Heliocentric, and Geocentric. All that inside of tradingview and on your chart. No need to navigate to other websites anymore to get that data, just use the Astro toolbox.

Examples #

Features #

  • Semi interactive ( line drag at a date or manual input )
  • Includes planets from Mercury to Pluto.
  • Heliocentric & Geocentric
  • Longitude finder
  • Latitude finder
  • Sign & Sign degree finder
  • Rounding functionality
  • Adjustable information table

Script Properties #

NameAstro toolbox
Release Date10-04-2021
Latest Update12-01-2022
Current Versionv1.31

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