Gann Dynamic Square of 9

Overview #

The Gann Dynamic Square of 9 is a script that uses the numbers from the square of nine wheel. You can specify the number of revolution it should take until it reaches your price level, or time level as this script plots these levels in both axis ( the X-axis/Time and the Y-axis Price ). This script auto-scale to your desired price unit or time unit. You can activate or deactivate horizontal and vertical static square of 9 levels. You can make them work together or just pick one of them to be activated.
This script comes with 8 standard angles starting from Zero/360 in 45 degrees increments. You can activate more than one angle at the same time.
And of course we added coloring options to make your chart personalized to your liking.

The difference between the dynamic square of 9 and the static square of 9 is that the dynamic does not start from zero, but instead starts from your own custom level where you can project upward or downward by selecting a high or a low to project from with out interactive script. The dynamic square of 9 is loved because it great for every time frame even on lower time frames.

The Gann Dynamic Square of 9 script can be used to measure both time, price, volatility and help you set future potential targets and stop losses that are not only price based, but time based as well.

Examples #

Features #

  • Automatically Scaling with Price Unit
  • Interactive UI to help with Time Selection and Price Selection
  • Adjustable Revolution number for the square of 9 levels
  • Vertical and Horizontal dynamic square of 9 levels
  • 8 Included degrees ( 360, 45, 90, 135, 180, 225, 270, 315 )
  • Coloring options

Script Properties #

NameGann Dynamic Square of 9
Release Date01-02-2021
Latest Update26-03-2022
Current Versionv1.33

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