Gann Planetary Lines

Overview #

The Gann Planetary Lines is a script that is designed to plot planetary lines into your tradingview chart. With the Gann Planetary lines you can plot slow and fast planets from the Sun, Moon, Mercury to Pluto. Our script allows you to choose between a Heliocentric or a Geocentric model for plotting these lines on your chart. We also added an option to display some harmonics that goes with these planetary lines. You will also be able to reverse these lines to get their down-trending longitudes on your chart.

You will also have control over the location of these these planetary lines where you can offset them vertically if you want to anchor them to a specific point. You can also adjust the price unit value to set these lines appropriately according to the price action the asset is trading in. The script plots 10 layers of 360s by default, expands and contract according to the price action to reduce any unwanted extra lines and reduce the load on your browser and on tradingview servers.

The Gann Planetary Lines -GPLs- is also able to plot between 50 & 100 days in advance or up to a two years of data for 24/7 markets and display future planetary data and location which can help you in predicting moves, support and resistance and more.

Examples #

Features #

  • Includes planets from Mercury to Pluto. including the Sun and the Moon.
  • Heliocentric & Geocentric
  • price unit value input to adjust
  • at least 50 to 100 days of future data and unlimited previous data
  • Ability to add harmonics
  • Ability to reverse the longitude data / lines
  • Lines style and colors options.

Script Properties #

NameGann Planetary Lines – GPLs –
Release Date15-04-2021
Latest Update02-09-2022
Current Versionv1.41

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