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Price & Time

Gann toolbox

The Gann toolbox is a package of ten different scripts that are designed to help traders analyse time and price in the market. These scripts are build around a few different concepts taken from Gann/Time theory and Astrology trading. The Gann toolbox package is built to work on the most famous trading platform “Tradingview” using their Pine Script language. The main goal of this package is to help traders chart better, faster, and make better educated guesses on where the market is likely to go and “when” by measuring moves and volatility in price and time.


Planet vs Sun

Gann Seasonal Dates

The Moon

Static Square of 9

Dynamic Square of 9

Astro Toolbox

Gann Planetary Lines

Retrograde Planets

Planetary Aspects & Transits

Packages to fit all

We designed three packages to choose from. Pick the one that suits your needs and nothing more!

Crypto Package

$ 50 /Month
  • Weekly Market Report
  • Weekly Livestream
  • 2 TA Requests per month

Gann toolbox

$ 140 /Year
  • 10 Gann & Astrology Scripts
  • All Updates, upgrades and upcoming scripts
  • Educational Material


$ 700 /Year
  • Everything in :
  • Gann toolbox Package
  • Crypto Package

YouTube and Vimeo Videos

Premium Video Box

General Faq

Answers to some of the questions that you might have

What does the Gann toolbox package include ?

The Gann toolbox package includes a set of all of our scripts. You will also receive all of their updates & upgrades. Not only that, but you will also get access to all of our future Gann & Astrology scripts alongside some educational content during your subscription period.

Can I get a few individual scripts ?

Unfortunately, we do not provide our scripts individually at the moment. We designed our tools as a package to complement each other.

Does the Gann toolbox provide buy/sell signals ?

The Gann toolbox is designed for experienced Gann/Time theory traders or serious students. The scripts do not provide buy/sell signals, but they do provide price and time elements that can guide you into marking better trading decisions by signaling potential volatility and targets in time and price.

Can I get a free trial ?

To protect our scripts from abuse we decided to not offer any free of charge trials. However, we do provide a 1 month trial to the Gann toolbox package when you purchase any educational webinar from our website. We value and encourage education and believe that it is the path to success.

Is the Gann toolbox good for me ?

Whether you are a Gann/Time theory trader or someone who is interested in learning about it, we have something for you. As long as you are interested & have the time to explore it.

Do you provide refunds or a money back guarantee ?

We believe that our clients are important. Providing quality content and products is our main goal. If you are not satisfied with our products and services within 7 days we can send you your money back. However, we do not provide refunda on our educational materials.

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