Trader Package

270.00 $ inc.VAT / year

This package is designed for experienced traders who are looking for solutions to help them analyze time and price with efficiency in mind, people who are ready to simplify their trading styles without restrictions.

The Trader Package includes all of our famous Eighteen indicators along side some starter educational webinars to guide you through obstacles.

A subscription to this packages gets you access to our scripts on TradingView which also includes all of our periodic updates, upgrades, and new upcoming scripts.

You will also get access to our VIP channels on Discord to help you succeed.


This package includes :

  1. Gann toolbox suite :
    – Gann toolbox
    – Gann Seasonal Dates
    – Gann Static Square of 9
    – Gann Dynamic Square of 9
    – Gann Sun vs Planets
    – Astro toolbox
    – The Moon
    – Gann Planetary Lines ( GPLs )
    – Planetary Aspects and Transits ( PATs )
    – Retrograde Planets
    – Planetary Angles
    – Planetary Signs
    – Planetary Speed
    – Time Machine
    – Gann Box by Time Frame
    – Gann toolbox – Custom box
    – The Square of Nine
    – Candlestick Percentile Rank
  2. All updates, upgrading and new upcoming scripts
    – We try our best to keep our scripts up to date and free of bugs, thus we spend a lot of time developing and sending periodic updates, upgrades, and release new scripts to maintain a healthy evolution to our powerful package.
  3. Access to our VIP Discord channels
    – Our discord community is not that big, however, it is a place were people get together, discuss and share the knowledge. And because we value your support, we give you an opportunity to request and steer the development of this project by giving you an outlet to request new features, and new scripts.
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Trader Package
270.00 $ inc.VAT / year
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