Gann Planets vs Sun

Overview #

The Gann Planets vs Sun script is designed specifically to highlight the pivotal areas horizontally and vertically -in time and price- using the natal degree of a planet at an important date in the stock or an asset.

This script will show you the location of the planet which can be used as a target and a timing element for potential volatility and more. The Gann Planets vs Sun will also plot the quintiles alongside the planet each at 72° apart. from the location of the planet.

It is a powerful tool for those who are expert in Time theory and incorporate a little bit of financial astrology to their trading style.

It includes a few features that are similar to what you might see in the Gann toolbox where you will be to have a few followup cycles on all directions for ease of use. It also includes a reverse feature that allows you to get the downtrend data. And of course you will be able to square your box with a $/° value. You can also select your end date to match or extend to a planetary cycle length instead of using Gann Seasonal Dates as a start/or end to the cycle.

Examples #

Features #

  • Automatically Squaring the chart
  • Automatic Plotting
  • Automatic Calculation of the Planetary Position Based on the Natal Degree
  • Extended Followup cycles
  • Reverse button to highlight downtrend areas of interest
  • Styling and Coloring options
  • and more!

Script Properties #

NameGann Planets vs Sun
Release Date13-12-2020
Latest Update12-10-2021
Current Versionv1.3

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