The Square of Nine

Overview #

The Square of Nine is famous among Gann Traders, Time Theory Traders, Astro Traders and others. It is used to predict future price movements and when applied to time it can also point to pivotal timing points where future reversals or breakouts may occur. The Square of Nine is a table of numbers moving clockwise in rings – revs – while counting. Each degree represents a set of numbers that corresponds to a date on the calendar.

This script is made to make it easy for traders to visualize the movement of price along the square of nine table. This script Places the square of nine table right in front of you in the middle of the screen, which is why it’s suggested that you would use it on the side of your main chart.

This script gives you ability to adjust the number of revolutions which is the number of rings making the square of nine table up to 9 revs.

You can also change the price unit ( increments ) for each step.

You can use this indicator as a visual reference to track the price action along the square of 9 and make sense of the mechanism behind turning points. It is made to complement both :

Examples #

Features #

  • The ability to adjust the increments.
  • The ability to adjust the number of rings visible. ( up to 9 rings )
  • Enabling/Disabling visual highlighting of specific degrees. ( 360, 45, 90, 135, 180, 225, 270, 315 )
  • Corresponding dates at the degrees.
  • Styling Options.

Script Properties #

NameThe Square of Nine
Release Date26-11-2023
Latest Update26-11-2023
Current Versionv1.00

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