Gann Toolbox

Overview #

The Gann toolbox is designed to help traders box and square the chart in traditional Gann boxes between Equinox dates. This can be applied and done manually using the default Gann box tool available on Tradingview alongside a few Gann Fans and some other techniques to measure the $/° value. This can take a lot of your valuable time. However, with the Gann toolbox all of this and more can be done with a click of a button.

The Gann toolbox has two default cycles to choose from :

  • March cycle ( Vernal Equinox )
  • September cycle ( Autumnal Equinox )

The script will ask you to pick one of the cycles and to input your $/° value then you will be able to enable these boxes in layers. The Gann toolbox plots these boxes with the Gann star inside, the 1:1 Sun line -45°,- and both upper and lower 1/2 angles -22.5°- at each corner and at the halfway point to generate a first division star formation.

There are plenty of additional features hidden inside the script. Such as, an advance custom cycle option that gives you more freedom when it comes to other cycles -not March nor September.- The Gann toolbox also has a feature to highlight both the .382 and .618 intersections and lines that are extremely powerful as targets. Additional division could also be applied using the advanced custom cycle which makes this script even more powerful. A one-click grid mode is also available for quick Sun lines check.

The Gann toolbox’s main objective and save your time. If it can be done with a click or two then why spend an hour+ per asset trying to accurately plot them manually.

Examples #

Features #

  • Automatically Squaring the chart
  • Automatic Plotting
  • Default Cycles ( March, and September )
  • 10 layer or boxes
  • Data from 2019 – 2024
  • .618 & .382 Time Pivotal Points
  • One, and Two Divisions
  • Automatic Grid Mode
  • Styling and Coloring options

Script Properties #

NameGann toolbox
Release Date03-12-2020
Latest Update18-11-2023
Current Versionv2.5

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