Planetary Aspects & Transits

Overview #

The Planetary Aspects & Transits script is used by many astrology traders to detects and plot important aspects and transits on their charts. This script offers you a unique set of features to help you plot these important dates on your chart.

You can select your favorite planet -including the sun and the moon- and also select the aspect that you would like to view and this script will highlight it on the chart. The aspects that are included to choose from are ( 0, 30, 45, 60, 72, 90, 120, 135, 144, 150, and 180 degrees ). You can also select the mode of these aspects and transits ( Heliocentric vs Geocentric ).
This script offers two running options :

  1. Planet vs aspect : using this option you will be able to select a planet and an aspect and we will find/highlight all the transitions vs all the planets in that aspect.
  2. Planet vs Planet : using this option you will be able to select two planet and a single aspect to view on the chart.

Examples #

Features #

  • Planet vs Aspect ( to plot all the interactions between that planet on that aspect with all planets ).
  • Planet vs Planet ( to plot all the interactions between those two planets on a specific aspect ).
  • Heliocentric & Geocentric.
  • Future upcoming aspects and transits data.
  • Styling options.

Script Properties #

NamePlanetary Aspects & Transits
Release Date06-07-2021
Latest Update06-07-2021
Current Versionv1.00

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